All kind of Beef and meat products

All kind of Beef and meat

“Quality, Food Safety, Environmental Sustainability, Animal Welfare Standards.”
“taiba farms”®

“taiba farms”®

“taiba farms”® has the resources to meet the complex and exacting requirements of different international buyers.

The global supply chain developed by “taiba farms”® gives us access to the best grass-fed and grain-fed livestock to supply the various market segments with the finest beef all year around.

موردين فنادق ومطاعم موردين شركات تموين لحوم دجاج وبقر وابقار ودواجن توريد موزع موزعين
تجار جملة لحوم ودجاج

international reputation

Brazil has an international reputation for maintaining the highest standards in food safety and quality, and “taiba farms”® applies this commitment throughout its global operations.

Beef Meat & Poultry meat

“taiba farms”® company are producing meat products Beef and Poultry. All Natural whole frozen chicken, chilled and frozen beef with various weights and Beef cuts. various chicken and Chicken cuts, frozen chicken, Beef visceral products

Quality Beef Meat products

"taiba farms"® can deliver quality product on time. We can source the heavily marbled beef graded through the Meat Standards Brazil grading system for upmarket restaurants worldwide, we can supply quality packaged product to supermarket chains and bulk commodity shipments for customers in the manufacturing industry. Our business embraces innovation throughout the meat supply chain, which means we are regularly introducing improved packaging and delivery systems.