Beef cube roll

Hindquarter Cuts: Beef cube roll

Beef Hind Quarter: The beef hindquarter is broken down into four primal cuts, the flank, the long loin, the hip, and the sirloin tip.

The ribeye is one of the most highly prized cuts, beefy flavor, and excellent tenderness. Ribeye rolls can be roasted whole or as sections, or sliced into boneless ribeye steaks.

The cube roll comes from the rib of beef, which is made up of three parts. Besides the cube roll,  (rib steak / bone-in prime rib) and the prime rib.

Cube roll is the innermost part of the rib. It is also known as the Scotch fillet or the rib-eye boneless.

It is a tasty and tender cut of the cow or veal, Basic techniques: grilling, roasting, slow cooking, smoking, pan-frying.

About the product:

Hindquarter Cuts: Beef cube roll

Top Grade: A Grade, Halal, HACCP

 Halal / Brazilian origin 

Brand: “taiba farms”®


Frozen: -18 degrees Celsius or lower

Chilled: Between 0 and 2 degrees Celsius

Primary Packaging: – Vaccum packed in high-density polyurethane plastic. Catchweight

Secondary Packaging:

Frozen: Cardboard boxes, containing 25-30kg

Chilled: Cardboard boxes containing 20-25kg


Frozen: 12 months

Chilled: 90 days

Container Weight:

Chilled: Max 23 mt\+\- 5%

Frozen: Max 27 mt\+\- 5%

“All cuts can be UK trim, 97vl or skin trim”