Beef Neck

Forequarter Cuts: Beef Neck

the beef neck comes from the forequarter, The beef neck comes from the neck of the cow or veal.

As these cuts come from areas of the cow that gets a daily workout, the meat tends to be tougher and chewier unless cooked correctly.

How to cook beef neck:

Although this is a tough cut of beef, it does not have to be tough to cook. There is one method that stands head and shoulders above the rest though: slow cooking. As with many other cuts of beef, you’re going to get the most out of it when you employ slow braising.

the bones and gelatins in the neck also lend themselves perfectly to rich, flavorsome stocks and soups.

About the product:

Forequarter Cuts: Beef Neck

Top Grade: A Grade, Halal, HACCP

 Halal / Brazilian origin 

Brand: “taiba farms”®


Frozen: -18 degrees Celsius or lower

Chilled: Between 0 and 2 degrees Celsius

Primary Packaging: – Vaccum packed in high-density polyurethane plastic. Catchweight

Secondary Packaging:

Frozen: Cardboard boxes, containing 25-30kg

Chilled: Cardboard boxes containing 20-25kg


Frozen: 12 months

Chilled: 90 days

Container Weight:

Chilled: Max 23 mt\+\- 5%

Frozen: Max 27 mt\+\- 5%

“All cuts can be UK trim, 97vl or skin trim”