Beef Shoulder

Forequarter Cuts: beef shoulder

Beef shoulder comes from the forequarter. The beef shoulder or Beef clod is taken from the shoulder (chuck) region of the cow or veal. Beef shoulder or Beef clod is a large muscle system, with some fat that covers the muscles.

The beef shoulder or Beef cloud composition is mainly three muscles: the shoulder tender, the top blade, and the clod heart and is one of two chuck sub-primal cuts.

It is often divided into its three separate muscle cuts for retail sale.

A shoulder tender also called beef shoulder petite tender, beef shoulder tender petite roast, bistro filet.

Beef clod, along with beef brisket, is historically the foundation of barbecue, slow smoking. Beef shoulder or Beef clod may also be prepared with moist heat or braising.

About the product:

Forequarter Cuts: beef shoulder

Top Grade: A Grade, Halal, HACCP

 Halal / Brazilian origin 

Brand: “taiba farms”®


Frozen: -18 degrees Celsius or lower

Chilled: Between 0 and 2 degrees Celsius

Primary Packaging: – Vaccum packed in high-density polyurethane plastic. Catchweight

Secondary Packaging:

Frozen: Cardboard boxes, containing 25-30kg

Chilled: Cardboard boxes containing 20-25kg


Frozen: 12 months

Chilled: 90 days

Container Weight:

Chilled: Max 23 mt\+\- 5%

Frozen: Max 27 mt\+\- 5%

“All cuts can be UK trim, 97vl or skin trim”