Brazil Chicken Exporters

Brazil Chicken Exporters

Today, the pressure on manufacturers to produce and distribute the frozen chicken high-quality products that are safe is an increasing challenge. Some of the common causes we see that affect the quality and safety of food products which include:

Poor storage and warehousing practices
Delays in transportation
Industrial sabotage
Inclement weather
These are some of the reasons that the number of food product recall cases continues to grow.

taiba chicken adapts solutions:
Manufacturing of taiba frozen chicken high quality and safe products begins with selecting the best raw materials, implementing the right production method according to international standards, and testing and proving them.

This also includes choosing an accredited testing laboratory that uses current measuring and testing equipment to ensure impeccable production quality and reliable quality assurance of taiba frozen chicken.

Lastly, we also select a trustworthy logistics company to partner with, one experienced in the handling of food products and with an impeccable record and reputation.

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