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Brazil Chicken Prices, "taiba farms"®

Consumer demands will strongly influence animal protein – and, therefore, animal feed – production in the coming future,
Worldwide, the demand for animal protein – meat- such as ( poultry, poultry chicken, beef, lamb, fish, eggs, etc…) in the next 20 years will be increasing.
Poultry will see the largest increase, and the Consumer demand is changing while economies develop -wealthier countries consume more meat-.

The cost of poultry production varies significantly from region to region. The cost of live broiler production worldwide depending on the Availablity of several reasons such as, climate, poultry fresh feed, technology, and agriculture technology, poultry farms management experience, etc…

Brazil keeps, since 2004, its position as largest exporter,
Brazilian frozen chicken has been shipped to more than 150 countries
Brazilian success in poultry and chicken farming and slaughtering has reasons: excellence in quality. With production based on corn and soya which is the chicken feed depending on it from 70 to 80 percent, Brazilian chicken also is strictly controlled by the country’s authorities and by the authorities of the countries that it exports to.

With this performance, the Brazilian chicken meat increased even its presence on the tables of consumers in Brazil and throughout the world.
in taiba chicken, we deal with the best and high-quality standard of poultry farms and slaughterhouses that keep our standard of chicken raising and slaughtering high quality along with food safety
Taiba chicken keeps the poultry chicken and chicken prices maintained with the worldwide poultry prices.


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