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Brazil has been in the leading position in terms of world exports since 2004 and contributes towards food safety in over 150 countries in five continents. taiba chicken has noticed that The strategic partnership with chicken producer countries such as Brazil, Russia, Poland and Ukraine with importing countries such as Africa and Arabian Gulf countries, and middle east countries in complementing market demands, without directly competing with local producers, has guaranteed solid relationships with partners throughout the world.

Brazil is one of the most traditional suppliers of very demanding markets such as Japan and Europe.

Brazilian health aspects are also a differential: the country has no registered cases of bird flu.

Brazilian success in poultry and chicken farming and slaughtering has reasons: excellence in quality. With production based on corn and soya which is the chicken feed depending on it from 70 to 80 percent, Brazilian chicken also is strictly controlled by the country’s authorities and by the authorities of the countries that it exports to.

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