Chicken & Vegetable stew

Chicken and Vegetable stew

The simple ingredients can be prepped in mere minutes. The rosemary gives it a rich flavor, and the meat juices cook the veggies to perfection. It’s unbelievably easy! 

Easy to find ingredients you have in your fridge or pantry.

1kg chicken drumstick or chicken legs quarters, 1 cup chopped onion, sauteed in butter, 1 ½ cups chopped carrots, 6 cups chicken stock, 1 teaspoon dried sage, 1 teaspoon dried basil leaves, 1 teaspoon garlic salt, 1 teaspoon dried parsley, 3 cups frozen mixed vegetables, thawed, 3 cups, diced potatoes, ½ cup chopped celery, ⅛ cup all-purpose flour


Step 1
Combine chicken, onion, carrots, and stock in a large saucepan over medium heat. Simmer until carrots are tender, about 15 minutes.
Step 2
Stir in sage, basil, garlic salt, parsley, mixed vegetables, potatoes, and celery and cook until heated through. Stir in flour to thicken the sauce.
Step 3
baked all in the oven for 15 minutes and serve it hot. 

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