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Since people only buy what they like, the consumer’s perspective of quality is more appropriate. When consumers buy a poultry product, cook and serve it to their families, they expect it to look, taste and feel good in their mouth. taiba chicken present the best quality of the chicken products which satisfy your family.

taiba chicken is the international poultry brand produced by najmat taiba foodstuff The taiba chicken brand was established in 2013 and we currently working to be supplied worldwide.

Quality attributes of taiba chicken, Appearance, Texture, Flavour

Appearance the chicken meat colour of cooked or raw poultry meat is important because consumers associate it with the product's freshness, and they decide whether or not to buy the product based on their opinion of its attractiveness. taiba chicken -quality control management- has guaranteed to present the first class quality of the chicken meat Texture After consumers buy a poultry product, they relate the quality of that product to its texture and flavour when they are eating it. the company chickens are especially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic and international requirements which is make taiba chicken meat is tender and fresh. Flavour Flavour is another quality attribute that consumers use to determine the acceptability of poultry meat. When poultry is cooked, flavour develops from sugar and amino acid interactions, lipid and thermal oxidation These chemical changes are not unique to poultry but the lipids and fats in poultry are unique and combine with odour to account for the characteristic 'poultry' flavour. Few factors during production and processing affect poultry meat flavour. Age of the bird at slaughter (young or mature birds) affect the flavour of the meat. Minor effects on meat flavour are related to bird strain, diet, environmental conditions while raising chickens, scalding temperatures , chilling, product packaging and storage Conclusion expectations on appearance, texture, and flavor depends upon the conditions surrounding various stages in the bird's development from the fertilized egg through production and processing to consumption. . taiba chicken company ensures the efficiency of all operations involving Raising chickens and slaughtering - disassembly - cooling - freezing - storage to present the best chicken quality for all
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Our chicken Raised with 100 % vegetarian feed from fresh corn and soya beans, no added preservatives.
Our all-natural chicken is juicy and tender, Perfect for grilling and roasting.
With farm-raised chicken of the highest quality, we keep it real in everything we do. Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients, No added preservatives
Perfect for grilling and roasting which makes it the first choice for all family members

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the company of Taiba chicken brand offers you the best quality grade A frozen and fresh chicken products, all are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic and international requirements with a wide range of choice and packaging of the frozen and fresh chicken products which is suitable for chicken companies and wholesalers of chicken products and distributors and chicken manufacturing companies and chicken retail companies also suitable for chicken export companies and chicken import companies for international market

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Well Dressed and cleaned, white skin, no bruise, No Blood, no bad smell, No feather No Broken bones, Dry, moisture less than 5 %, 100% Fresh and Frozen, Perfect for grilling and roasting

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The best way to experience our wide collection chicken products is to buy our best quality that we offer for all