Frozen Chicken Gizzard 500 grams, Frozen Chicken Parts, Frozen Chicken Cuts.

Frozen Chicken Gizzard 500 grams, Frozen Chicken Parts, Frozen Chicken Cuts.

Taiba chicken company offers you the best quality grade A frozen chicken Gizzard and parts, Deep and rich flavor and tender succulence make gizzard an all-time favorite. There is enough to satisfy the Gizzard lovers.


taiba chicken offers you the best quality of frozen chicken gizzards with a deep, rich, meaty flavor.
Since they’re muscles, gizzards are meaty little morsels, with a deep, rich, dark-meat chicken flavor.
chicken gizzard become a popular food throughout the world, you can find them sold as street food in Haiti and Southeast Asia and in soup in Mexico. In Africa, they’re served fried, boiled, or grilled, and in Europe, they’re featured in salads and pâtés.

About the products:

Frozen Chicken Gizzards

Top Grade: Grade A and certified of Iso, Haccap, Halal.

Brand: taiba chicken

100% Freshly Frozen Chicken Gizzards

Storage at: -18°C to 24°C

Packaging: depends on customer orders, whether for manufacturing factory of food products like meat factory, or for wholesale and distribution purposes for restaurant and hotels, or for retail like restaurants and cafeterias, hypermarkets and groceries

all type of packaging are available depending on the purpose

suitable packaging

20x500g, 6×2 Kg/ 4x 2,5 Kg Bags 12×900 g Trays L/P 10
Kg and/or 15 Kg Carton 

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