Frozen chicken suppliers - taiba chicken Brand

frozen chicken suppliers taiba chicken brand

When you get taiba chicken distribution franchise -developer contract of Taiba chicken- your company will get the rights to distribute the products in the country that you will represent us in
Also, our company is committed to a continuous supply of the brand Taiba Chicken without discontinuation according to your company monthly orders. This gives you the safety and sustainability elements in signing your frozen chicken supplying contracts with third parties to supply the product (such as establishments, hypermarkets, wholesale distributors, sub-agents, etc.)

The frozen chicken supplier contract allows you to set the selling price you want and which fits the purchasing habits in the concerned country.
The company also supports you when you get the frozen chicken supplier contract –taiba chicken brand– in the commercials of the brand Taiba chicken through promotional campaigns in your country through advertising materials and digital marketing and it supports you in the international sales through the orders of traders that come from the concerned country.

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