Frozen chicken for export taiba chicken

exports and import of frozen whole chicken and chicken cuts and parts.

In the exports of frozen whole chicken and frozen chicken cuts and parts, Brazil keeps, since 2004, its position as largest exporter,
Brazilian frozen chicken has been shipped to more than 150 countries

With this performance, the Brazilian chicken meat increased even its presence on the tables of consumers in Brazil and throughout the world.
in taiba chicken, we deal with the best and high-quality standard of poultry farms and slaughterhouses that keep our standard of chicken raising and slaughtering high quality along with food safety

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Brazil frozen chicken

Taiba Chicken. Good for All Family members!

Whole Frozen Chicken

Taiba chicken offers you the best quality grade A Whole frozen chicken, are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic and international requirements.

35 – 45 days minimum at the time of slaughter

Our whole frozen chicken are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic and international requirements. Well Dressed and cleaned, white skin, no bruise, No Blood, no bad smell, No feather No Broken bones, Dry, moisture less than 5 %, 100% Fresh and Frozen​, Perfect for grilling and roasting

whole frozen chicken wholesale
quality frozen chicken

Good for All Family members!

we seek to provide meat & meat products to satisfy the world’s need for good food at a reasonable price and good service.

Chicken Cuts products in Bulk

frozen chicken breast-fillets

Chicken Breast Halves

boneless skinless

Frozen chicken legs

Whole Leg

Bone in skin on

Frozen Chicken Drumstick


Bone in skin on

Chicken Cuts products

frozen chicken wings

Frozen chicken wings


frozen chicken breast

Frozen chicken breast


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