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Table Eggs

White table eggs

A carton containing 360 eggs distributed into 12 trays

Brown table eggs

A carton containing 360 eggs distributed into 12 trays

White and brown table eggs

On its beautiful farms in Brazil, “taiba farms”® produces table eggs that are exported to more than 130 countries around the world.

“taiba farms”® believes it is your right to know where your food comes from. Rest assured that we provide laying hens with quality nutritious, vegetarian layer feed and a sufficient amount of clean drinking water. The appropriate vegetarian feed, adequate nutritious feed, proper lighting, clean drinking water, good housing, and grit ensures that “taiba farms”® can provide fresh and wholesome white and brown eggs throughout the year.

Eggs are an essential part of everyday meals. People have been eating eggs for hundreds and hundreds of years. Whether in breakfast, lunch, or dinner, people all over the world consume eggs as it is a core part of their daily diet. They are also used as additives and ingredients in cakes, pastries, and world-famous exquisite cuisines.

At “taiba farms”® produces and distributes table eggs that are fresh, healthy, and full of natural goodness. Eggs are a great source of protein and contain vitamins and minerals that are essential parts of a healthful diet. When eaten in moderation, they can provide many health benefits such as maintaining strong muscles, and energy production.

Marketing of the Table Eggs

We sell table eggs around the world to food trade companies, groceries, supermarkets, food import and export companies, food processing companies, food processing plants, egg white manufacturing plants, protein processing plants for bodybuilding, catering companies, and hypermarkets.

Types of Table Eggs

Taiba Farms produces white and brown table eggs in medium and large sizes

Sizes Available for Export

A carton containing 360 eggs distributed into 12 trays. Export is made through sea freight, with a 40-foot refrigerated container that holds 1280 boxes